Known for her colorful, whimsical, interpretations of pets, places and more Linda’s work draws connoisseurs and collectors of all ages in both the public and private arena. With a Bachelors in Fine Art and a Masters in Education Linda is committed to life long learning and exploration of her media. She offers classes and workshops where she delights in a graceful exchange of experiences and expertise with her enthusiastic students. 

Snow Shoes and Ghosts by Linda Hendrickson

Snow Shoes and Ghosts

30.25 x 11; mixed media

Winter in Montana, skiing on Big Mountain gives one views of Fir trees full of hoar frost and snow and if your eyes are very sharp, maybe even a show shoe hare or stout in ermine.  White is a multicolored fascination for me and this piece is an attempt to capture the joy of the season.

This mixed media piece is painted on 300# watercolor paper, laminated to a panel with archival materials. Sold framed in a distressed off-white frame with 3/4 face and 1.5" depth


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