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Get to Know Our Featured Artist

Linda Hendrickson

“Animals, wild and domestic, are my passion.  I am dedicated to depicting the majestic creatures, and bringing their personalties to life in unique colorful ways."

Linda Hendrickson

Known for her colorful, whimsical, interpretations of pets, places and more, Linda’s work draws connoisseurs and collectors of all ages in both the public and private arena.  Acrylic and mixed media pieces grace homes and businesses internationally.  Her proudest achievements are three larger than life pet portraits (5’ x5’) installed at DuPont/Nemours Childrens' Hospital in Delaware. Featured on the cover of Elan Magazine September 2012 and in the Summer 2016 issue of the Loudoun Times-Mirror, Linda is happiest when others experience joy through her work.


Linda Hendrickson was offspring to a mother who encouraged creativity from an early age. Fearless of messes, Harriett inspired her four children to delve right into finger paints, papier-mâché, and mud pies. Nurtured with such joyous enthusiasm, Linda’s curiosity and creative bent only heightened with each passing year. Hendrickson remembers being dropped off for Saturday art programs where "even the building smelled like creativity at work!" An exemplar 3rd grade teacher, Miss Sheets, incorporated art or craft projects in every teaching unit. Once "academic assignments" were finished students could work on their art.  Hendrickson wonders how many rushed assignments were turned in to get to her passion.  During Junior High, Linda joined a couple of friends to walk to an art lesson after school once a week.  The teacher had a Victorian home with the studio in the turret.  This room was cold in the winter but helped fuel Hendrickson's passion for her own studio someday.

23 Pond Paddle Way by Linda Hendrickson
23 POND WADDLE WAY - 48 x 24 - mixed media

Upon earning a Bachelors of Fine Art and a Masters in Education Linda is committed to life long learning and exploration of her media. She shares her exuberant passion for art and beauty in classes and workshops. She delights in a graceful exchange of experiences and expertise with her enthusiastic students. Workshops with Robert Burridge and her mentor, Tara Funk Grim, contribute towards her expertise.  Presently she is taking a course with Art Business Academy taught by Xanadu Gallery owner, Jason Horejs.


Linda sketching wild flowers in Preston Park on the way to Siyeh Pass.

Colorful mixed media paintings representing animals, wild and domestic, are my passion. I am dedicated to depicting the majestic creatures, and bringing their personalties to life in unique colorful ways.  Inspired by nature, I carry a moleskin sketch book and use snippets of time to record everything around me.  This hones my drawing skill and captures the essence of wherever I am.  Recently, I was walking my dog near the lake and saw turtles lined up sunning themselves on a log.  Over the next month I painted “Log Jam” 24” X 48".

Log Jam by Linda Hendrickson
LOG JAM - 24 x 48 - mixed media
Cuddling Cudjutators by Linda Hendrickson

While hiking in Glacier National Park I have witnessed twin mountain goats sit down on a rock, huddle together to ward of the chill and begin to chew their cud.  The painting "Cuddling Cudjutators" 20 X 20" is born. On another hike I watched two hoary marmots fight each other with a third looking on with interest.  After some research I discovered the males were undoubtedly "Fighting for the Prize"  24" X 24".  Capturing these animals and their habitat are my joy and inspiration.

Cuddling Cudjutators - 20 x 20 - mixed media


Linda in her home studio.

I work in my Virginia studio with classic music in the background or more often, in silence.  Everything is possible with oodles of LED daylight spots, easels, flat tables and plenty of room to spread out, sit and read or step back to critique my progress.  This is where I have room to share my passion with up to 10 students at a time.  Secondly, I'm blessed to work in Montana where my space is tiny (8' x 8'), cozy, and well organized (sometimes). In Montana days of extreme activity are balanced with times of solitude and joy at the easel.

Swing and a Miss by Linda Hendrickson
SWING AND A MISS - 30 x 24 - mixed media
Mud Nest Beauty by Linda Hendrickson
MUD NEST BEAUTY - 40 x 30 - mixed media

“Like a hiking trail, with each step through different terrain the painting progresses until the happy subject emerges"

Linda Hendrickson

Linda painting on the shores of Lake McDonald.

Painting daily, I always start with playful intuitive doodles using a large brush and pure acrylic color to “tone” the surface in an inventive way.  I create texture by letting each layer dry, contributing to the slow development of the subject. This approach leads to paintings that are fresh and full of pentimento.  Lines, texture, mixed media, sketches and more make their way into the painting.  Like a hiking trail, with each step through different terrain the painting progresses until the happy subject emerges.

Lunch Under Pollock Mountain by Linda Hendrickson

Part of what gives my paintings life, color and vibrancy is the inspiration for my work. Both winter and summer I am in the mountains soaking up the fresh air and taking childlike delight in every animal I meet along the way.  Like the trails in Glacier National Park or the ski runs on Whitefish Resort at Big Mountain, each painting is a trail from blank canvas to a riot of color!  Some paths are easy and full of wonders along the way with time to stop and sketch. Other paths are frightening and difficult maybe with only seconds to get a quick photo. Each experience widens the visual vocabulary. Whether representing a beloved family pet, a mountain goat, a moose, hoary marmots or a grizzly bear from along the trail, I seek to represent their magnificent beauty.

48 x 24 - acrylic
Fireweed by Linda Hendrickson
FIREWEED - 11 x 11 - acrylic


Linda Hendrickson



Yes, Dear by Linda Hendrickson
YES, DEAR - 24 x 48 - acrylic & mixed media

*All painting images Copyright 2016 Linda Hendrickson


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