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Penstemon Field.jpg

PENSTEMON FIELD by Linda Hendrickson

20 x 16" Acrylic on canvas

After a fire has consumed a forest, there is amazing new growth.  In this case, after climbing nearly four miles through what had previously been dense forest, we came upon a field of Penstemon.  The flower is reminiscent of a Virginia Bluebell.  We had never seen so many together.  The black trees are burned and dead but set off the view of Mount Edwards quite well!  

$850 framed, ready to hang.

GO WITH THE STREAM by Debra Keirce

8" x 10" oil on panel  

The work on a ranch never seems to end. Sometimes you just have to decide to go with the stream. Those are the times when I often get surprised to find that where I really needed to be was actually EXACTLY where it led me.

$2,000 framed
La Mont.jpg


12" X 9" oil on canvas

In 1988, I began to paint images of the sky, eventually completing a series of 30 paintings in an 11”h x 16”w size. Since then, I’ve continued to explore— in several other series— how the effects of light, time of day, and atmosphere create completely different views of the canopy that encompasses us all. This colorful little sketch reflects the way the setting sunlight skims the upper part of the clouds, while withdrawing the hues from the ones closer to the horizon.  

$375 unframed

Daughter by Vicki Vidal Blum

6" x 8" oil on canvas

A friend's daughter

$450 unframed
Black and White.tiff


12" x 15" Mixed Media on Paper

Exploration of Limited Palette and Energetic Line Work

$450 unframed

ARISE by Tricia Cherrington Ratliff

10" x 20" oil on canvas

This painting is located at Berkley Gallery, Warrenton, VA

(540) 341-7367

$1,050 framed
Aperitifs Jill Banks.jpg

APERITIFS by Jill Banks

20 x 16" oil on linen-lined panel

As I'm looking forward to traveling again, "Aperitifs" received a makeover from the version underneath it that was painted plein air in 2018. 2022's update brings it back to what I saw/felt painting there in Rue Cler in Paris.  The two guys were the main characters and earlier, I'd painted in an interloper. Time for her to go. Hope you enjoy the new "Aperitifs" as much as I do.

B Parrish Antiquities.jpg

ANTIQUITIES by Becky Parrish

27 x 27" oil

This painting is at Berkley Gallery is located on Main Street in historic old town Warrenton, Virginia.  Phone: (540) 341-7367

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Full Bloom.jpg

FULL BLOOM by Dell Keathley

18" x 14" Oil on Linen Panel, unframed

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