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COME KNOCKING by Debra Keirce

7 1/2 x 5 1/2 framed

The door knockers in Europe intrigue me so much. They are all well worn, and I imagine the centuries of visits they have facilitated. Oh the stories they could tell. Human interactions are what keeps us all alive and well. We delight in days when friends come knocking. I love to paint door knockers because I start going down rabbit holes in my mind of some of my favorite visits.​


This art is in the 31st International Miniature Art Show. It is available for purchase immediately but needs to stay in the gallery until the end of the show. All art in the 31st International Miniature Art Show ships for free within the USA.

$445 (framed)
Beak a Boo.jpg

BEAK A BOO by Chica Brunsvold

31 x 22 watercolor on yupo

Begun as an abstract floral, it became a home to birds of all kinds!

$2500 unframed
La Mont Tuesday.jpg

TUESDAY by Susan La Mont

16 " x 20", oil on 3/4" cradled panel

This scene took place in the bar area of a hotel In New York City’s Times Square. The positions of the bartender and her patron reminded me of Vermeer’s “Soldier and Laughing Girl.” I was captured by the contrast between the heightened color of the light tower, made of empty bottles, and the somewhat dour expression on the face of the woman doing her daily work.


RED HEADS by Linda Hendrickson

48 x 24  acrylic on canvas

Sandhill Cranes are impressive, massive (up to five feet tall with a wingspan up to seven feet), therefore, tough to miss. I was on the Canadian border at a wetlands preserve when I saw my first. Unfortunately, they were so far away, and there were so many, I couldn't pick out details. Like many of my paintings, the first step is research. They are one of the oldest bird species. A canvas with these tall dimensions called for a family of "Red Heads" and some fun with their awkward-looking chicks. They often fly high in huge flocks. Coyotes are their main predator, but they are pretty safe with a running speed of thirty-five miles per hour.

$2700 framed

CAFE AU LAIT by Vicki Vidal-Blum

20 x 16 oil on panel

One of my favorite subjects, Dahlias.   This painting is available at Art at the Mill, Millwood from April 23 - May 8, 2022. 540-837-1799

$795 framed

FLORAL PAIR by Tricia Cherrington Ratliff

oil on panel


Floyd VanGogh and Roses 28x20 1080pxls.jpg


28 x 20" oil on panel

The golden yellows of the roses and in the Vincent Van Gogh paintings just seem so happy.  The stack of books cover the gamut of gardens and artists.


When I get new books they take pride of place on my coffee table for the next few weeks.  Whenever I have a break, I am opening them up and perusing.  Often if the book is about an artist, I will go through it several times, because each time I revisit the images I find more to admire.


This was the case with the Van Gogh monograph that was spread out on the table when I first got it last June.  The morning this painting was begun I had already been out in the garden, bringing in a new bouquet of roses.  It was turning into a slower morning, I was late getting my cup of tea, and was going through the books I had stacked up in front of me.  


I remember stepping away and returning when I noticed the quality of light shining in the front window, and how everything was so harmonious.  


This moment on a June morning was too lovely not to share with you, not to celebrate fresh roses and favorite books.  The painting is a celebration of color, texture and pattern.

Available to be seen at Principle Gallery | Alexandria

$5,500 framed

GOLDEN LIGHT by Jill Banks

24 x 24 oil on linen

Painting of my favorite room in the house. The picture window is the perfect place to catch the sunsets. That's what you are getting here. Bet you could have guessed that!

$4,350.00 framed

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