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Member Artwork Fresh Off the Easel & Available for Sale
20221219-036 letters from Manet 18x24 1080pxls.jpg

LETTERS FROM MANET by Elizabeth Floyd

18 x 24" oil on panel

This is a painting of roses from the yard and a collection of books, the top book is open to some illustrated letters by Edouard Manet. 


 Available through the Principle Gallery (703) 739-9326

Pink Roses.jpg

PINK ROSES by Vicki Vidal Blum

11 x 14" oil on canvas

This painting is at the Spring "Art at the Mill" show in Millwood, VA through May 11, 2023.  Contact (540) 837-1799

$850 framed

HUNGRY by Debra Keirce

11 x 30" - Oil on Panel

I love to paint my spin on master paintings. So, when I was at the American Frontier Production photo shoot in Easton, Kansas, I had fun posing models in scenes from various famous paintings. In this iconic composition, cowgirls, cowboys and a Native American reenact Da Vinci's Last Supper. But there is no food available. 


I called this "Hungry!" because I think we are all hungry for so many things on this planet. I personally am hungry for knowledge, for peace, for growth. Food is a metaphor for so many things in the bible. In my painting, its absence speaks volumes to me. I hope Leonardo would approve.

$2,675 framed

WHITE ROSE STUDY by Becky Parrish

8 x 10" oil on panel


* * * * *

2022_Spot of Gold_7.5x9.5 Inches 2nd Version (1).jpg

SPOT OF GOLD by Jean K. Gill  AWS, NWS

7.5 x 9.5" watercolor on paper

* * * * *


PAINTBRUSH by Linda Hendrickson

24 x 36" Acrylic on canvas

One of my favorite wild flowers is “Paintbrush” or “Prairie fire.” I kept this painting abstract to suggest the colorful impact this bold flower makes on the landscape.

$2050 gallery wrapped, ready to hang
Walk in the Woods Amy Waldrop.jpg

A WALK IN THE WOODS by Amy Waldrop

30 x 24" oil on canvas

On Hold ‐ $2,200



20 x 16" Oil on linen-lined panel

* * * * * 


BILLOWING CLOUDS by Tricia Ratliff

10 x 10" Oil on canvas

* * * * *


$450.00 USD



GATHERING FLOCK by Libby Stevens

11 x 14" Pastel on paper

* * * * *

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