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20210725-026 Rose with Matisse and Diebenkorn 12x16 1000pxls .jpg


Oil on panel, 12" x 16" (unframed dimensions)

Life is full of memories, they often are wrapped up in the items we own and live with.  For me, art books play an important role in my life, I will get a museum exhibition catalog when I see a memorable exhibition, or pick up a book that seems interesting.  Living with books and flowers brightens the days and brings color and texture into the world.  

$1,900 framed
Vermont River (2).jpg

THE MAD RIVER by Vicki Vidal Blum

Oil on linen panel, 16" x 20" framed

This painting was done en plein air on the banks of the Mad River in Waitsfield, Vermont.  My second time visiting Vermont, but the first time I really got to see the beauty of the state.  There are so many scenic places to visit as an artist, whether it is a river, waterfalls (everywhere), lakes, quaint towns, farms, or vast amounts of emerald green landscapes. This painting is being shown at Art of the Mill 2021 Fall Show in Millwood VA from Oct 2 to October 17., 2020.


RELAXED by Debra Keirce

4" x 4", oil on panel

What do you think of when you think of relaxing? I think of sunflowers and a great cup of cinnamon herbal tea. Where I am and who I'm with could change this thought, but when I'm alone at home, that's how I roll.



Ratliff gathering-dreams.jpg

GATHERING DREAMS by Tricia Cherrington Ratliff

Oil on panel


Oil on linen panel, 24 x 12" (unframed dimensions)

Late Night on Light Street" was painted plein air from the walking bridge above Light Street in Baltimore.  I was down to the wire on a deadline for the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association Exhibit at Highlandtown Gallery in Baltimore MD. 

jean gill before a fall.jpg

BEFORE A FALL by Jean Gill

Watercolor, 22 x 30"


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OVERGROWN PATH by Libby Stevens

9 x 12" pastel


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AQUA HORIZON by Elaine Elinsky

30 x 30"


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HIGH ABOVE THE CHALET by Linda Hendrickson

Acrylic 30 x 40"

This landscape is inspired by a three-day hiking trip high in Glacier National Park to see Sperry Glacier.  Seeing the wild animals, especially Mountain Goats is always a treat.  These three, actually four, were in our path at a switchback and we watched them for quite a while since they are much more agile off-trail than we are!


SPRINGTIME by Chica Brunsvold

Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 30 x 40"

This is a painting that I love to work on. Every few days I see something more to be done. I will probably continue to paint on it until it goes to a new home!