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I lOVE GEISHA by Debra Keirce

20 X 16, oil

Remember that comic in the 1970's that was so popular - "Love is..."? I do. I am inspired to begin a series of paintings I'm calling my "I Love..." series. 


At the start of 2020, I was in Japan for several weeks. We had an amazing cultural experience in Kyoto, learning about the maiko (geisha in training) who we spent a whole day with and touring the geisha districts in the ancient city. The history of the geisha life is just mesmerizing. Today there are only about 300 geisha. It is a highly competitive career path requiring a lifetime of dedication unlike any other. The geisha are committed to the performing and visual arts above all other pursuits. 


Of course, the pandemic has weighed heavily on the geisha houses and their centuries old traditions. All they do revolves around close interactions with audiences. I wanted to paint this piece first of some tourists we saw dressed in kimonos in Kyoto. This was in Feb 2020, and these may be some of the last people to visit a geisha salon. My heart goes out to all the young girls who have dedicated their futures to the geisha life. They are working through what their futures will look like post pandemic.


Scana by Laurie Fields

31 x 20, oil/cold was on rage paper mounted on board

When I'm mixing oil/cold wax, I use rag paper as my pallet. For this piece, I have cut up the pallets and rearranged and "woven" them.

$2000 includes mounting on Brushed Aluminum
Parrish 1.jpg


10 x 10, oil on panel

* * * * *

La Mont_Choose One.jpg

CHOOSE ONE by Susan La Mont

10 x 10, oil on panel

Another in my series, “Stress Eating.” This is one in a larger statement regarding the influence of news reports on our eating habits.

$950 ready to hang

GOLD, BOLD & COLD by Jean Gill

9  x 11, transparent watercolor

From my Imagination 2020

$275 framed


16 x 20, oil on canvas
These are hellebore and camellias flowers that I now wait with anticipation to see peak out from slumber in the late Winter or early Spring.  It's the first hello from Spring.

$1000 framed


SHORELINE by Elaine Elinsky

30 x 40, acrylic on canvas

I love the beach and sitting on the shore and looking at the distant horizon line.  This painting magically appeared when

I ripped a piece of tape I was using to paint the horizon - the mottled paint that was left on the canvas perfectly depicted (to me) the craggy line where the shore meets the horizon.

* * * * * 


10 X 8 unframed / 16 x 14 framed, oil on linen-lined panel

I started "Among Royalty" on location in Madrid years ago and recently reworked it in my studio to bring out the brilliant sunset light that bathed the gardens around the Royal Palace. It was selected by Fine Art Connoisseur's Editor, Peter Trippi, for inclusion in the current issue's Today's Masters Portfolio "A Time for Twosomes" on p. 66, May/June 2021.

$895 framed
Summer's Calling.JPG

SUMMER CALLING by Betty Ganley

25 3/4 x 20 framed, matted watercolor

While exploring a back road on Cape Cod, I came across Arey's Pond.  The rather large 'pond" appeared at the base of the boat builders ramp, just brimming with custom made cat boats, each drifting and housed in their colorful "tents" and sails, and each bobbing alongside a bright red buoy. The water was quite still resulting in joyous color and perfect reflections. The artist in me just gaped, mesmerized at the unexpected beauty.  Isn't that the purpose of those back roads?  That wonderful surprise happened to be responsible for several joyful days of painting and many wonderful watercolor paintings.

$850 framed