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Donna Clark

Founding Member
Clark_Studio portrait.png
Donna Clark in her Aldie, Virginia studio

In December (2018), we lost our colleague, friend, and founding member, Donna Clark. Donna was the consummate professional and was gifted with an amazing artistic talent. She had the ability to breath life into her abstract landscapes through her creative use of color and her skillful eye. 

Donna's career as an artist began in New York City and eventually took her to the rural regions of Virginia where she continued to gain acclaim for her masterful use of color. She's been featured in numerous publications, exhibited in many one-woman shows, and was sought after by art enthusiasts.

As a friend, she was always encouraging, had a witty sense of humor, and took her concern for her friends to a level not often seen. She will be missed by so many.


“I paint in series - images that are not place specific. I consider them personal dreamlike mindscapes of imagined locations in my natural world."

Donna Clark (2011)

WINTER SNOW - 30 x 40 - oil on canvas

I was very pleased with what Greg Huddleston, artist/author had to say about my work in a Spring edition of the Piedmont Virginian Magazine:


"Working largely from photographs edited to eliminate non-essential elements. Loudoun artist Donna Clark paints the Piedmont landscape reducing it to it's lowest common denominator. Her minimal art is characterized by luminous color often separated by distinct bands. Clark's canvases are reminiscent of beloved abstract painter, Richard Diebenkorn. They capture a light that permeates throughout the space. Hers is a light of sunsets and twilights diffused by rising mists and fogs --- times  of  day in between. At first, you may not see the Piedmont you know and love.  Keep looking."

GENTLE BREEZE - 30 x 30 - oil on linen
WHISPER I - 30 x 30 - oil on linen
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