Elaine Elinsky is a contemporary landscape artist who paints at the Artists’ Atelier in the center of Great Falls along with nine other artisans.  While Elaine currently focuses on landscapes, her main interest is exploring how colors, textures, shapes, and lines interact to create interesting visual patterns.  Rather than focus on a specific place, Elaine paints landscapes seen and remembered and encourages the viewer to bring their own memories to the piece.  Paintings tend to take on a life of their own and Elaine follows where they lead.  Two of Elaine’s contemporary landscapes hang in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton hotel in Tysons Corner. 

Green Marsh.jpg

Green Marsh

24 x 24" acrylic on canvas

The 'Marsh Landscape Series' represents places I visited that linger in my memory - the sounds, the light, the water, the rocks - that are part of my many happy days spent at the ocean exploring different beaches, ponds and waterways.

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