Elizabeth Floyd began her career as an architect. However, her true passion was always to be an artist, in 2009 she was able to achieve the goal of transitioning to art full-time. Following this transition, she parlayed the strong observational and sketching skills gained from being an architect towards mastering representational oil painting. Elizabeth is drawn to color, pattern, and detail. In her artwork, she is fascinated with incorporating beauty observed in my surroundings, always striving to celebrate the simple moments of life.

20210725-026 Rose with Matisse and Diebenkorn 12x16 1000pxls .jpg

Rose with Matisse and Diebenkorn Art Books

12 x 16, oil on panel

Life is full of memories, they often are wrapped up in the items we own and live with.  For me, art books play an important role in my life, I will get a museum exhibition catalog when I see a memorable exhibition, or pick up a book that seems interesting.  Living with books and flowers brightens the days and brings color and texture into the world.  

$1900 framed

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