Born in New York City, Susan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute. She credits her instructors with giving her a firm foundation of drawing, anatomy, form and structure, and for instilling in her the desire to aim higher and stay true to the best traditions of creativity. Susan furthered her education at Syracuse University, where she received a Master of Arts degree, and at George Mason University, where she was awarded a doctoral degree in 2007. 

La Mont.jpg

Cloud Study/Yellow Thunderheads

12 x 9" oil on canvas

In 1988, I began to paint images of the sky, eventually completing a series of 30 paintings in an 11”h x 16”w size. Since then, I’ve continued to explore— in several other series— how the effects of light, time of day, and atmosphere create completely different views of the canopy that encompasses us all. This colorful little sketch reflects the way the setting sunlight skims the upper part of the clouds, while withdrawing the hues from the ones closer to the horizon.  

$375 unframed

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