Grow Your Knowledge of Art

Learn How to Identify Various Painting Styles

Do you know the difference between an Impressionistic and Expressionistic painting? How about Abstract vs. Surreal? In this short video, artist Jill E. Poyerd, breaks down the top seven art styles by their key characteristics through a relaxed, visually-appealing approach using both historic and member examples.

Learn About the History of Watercolor Painting

The history of watercolor in its various forms dates back far beyond what most people think. Through the eyes of an artist, viewers trace watercolor’s roots from early cave paintings, to Michelangelo, to the Impressionists, and into the 20th century. 

Learn How Emotions Influence Art and Artists

Emotions play a critical role in both the painting process as well as the experience of the viewer. In this short video, artist Jill Poyerd discusses how emotional connections take place, the role of beauty in art, and how artists communicate emotion in their work.

Learn Why Watercolor is Considered a Fine Art

In this short video, artist Jill Poyerd explains what watercolor is and clarifies some of the common misconceptions people have about the painting medium. She also explains why it is considered a fine art painting medium on par with oils.