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Grow Your Knowledge of Art

See the latest member paintings, fresh off the easel. Brand new artwork that's available for sale. Each piece lists for only one month. 

Learn more about each of our professional artists, including their studio life, painting process, and artistic background.


All of the artists listed on this website have met certain standards of professionalism.  For the purpose of this website, a professional artist is defined as one who is marketing their work in a business-like manner in an attempt to make a living. Specific qualifications include maintaining a professional artist website and meeting at least three of the following criteria:

  • Regularly exhibits their work in public settings

  • Derives a significant percentage of their income from sales of artwork

  • Teaches classes or workshops

  • Has attained regional or national recognition for their artwork

  • Has won more than one award for their artwork

  • Has served as a judge, juror, or curator for a fine art exhibition

  • Has a sales-tax status with the state of Virginia

  • Belongs to one or more professional art associations

*Application for membership is currently closed.

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